Pricing Guide for Curtains

Our price guides give an approximate cost for making your curtains in three styles – each with the option of lined or lined and interlined curtains. This includes the “haberdashery” i.e. linings, weights, hooks and includes the cost of making. As we don’t know which fabric you will choose, the price excludes this cost.

If you have decided on a fabric and want an accurate quotation, just select “Get a Quote” and fill in the details. We respond with an individual quote for your bespoke curtains which shows the amount of fabric needed to achieve the required fullness in the curtain style selected. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

See price guide for curtains

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Pricing Guide for Blinds

Our pricing guide for blinds includes the “haberdashery” i.e. the lining, rods, the fixing and raising/lowering system, blind pulls, cleat hooks, safety devices and includes the cost of making. As with curtains, it does not include the cost of the fabric. Select “Get a Quote” to receive an exact quotation which includes VAT.

See price guide for blinds

Get a quote for curtains and/or blinds


We pack curtains and blinds very carefully so that they arrive ready to hang. We use an overnight courier and parcels are insured. The cost of delivery is always itemised on the corresponding quotation and usually ranges from £9.50 – £20.00 depending on size and weight.